Tradewinds specializes in recruitment, staffing, and back office support solutions throughout the continental United States.

Who We Are

Tradewinds Support Partners, LLC is a full-service contingent labor provider specializing in skilled trades and general labor.
We are not a temporary labor company! All of our employees work for us full time. We value the relationships we have with our employees and ensure the most productive and loyal employees are there to help you get the job done.

We bring communities and companies together by establishing strong relationships and partnerships with our customers and the local workforce.

What We Do

TSP works with many different companies across a variety of industries including construction, industrial/manufacturing, and renewables. We’re experts in finding the talent our clients seek in a challenging time by utilizing over 50 years of recruiting experience and leaning heavily on our national workforce. We provide full back-office solutions such as workers comp coverage, benefits, unemployment concerns, and many other HR-related challenges companies face today.

Our goal is to make staffing up a smooth experience through superior customer service.

Looking for Employees?

If you are looking for workers, please contact one of our team members.

Our Mission

Tradewinds Support Partners’ mission is to establish long-term partnerships with our clients by providing labor support that helps them complete projects on time, under budget, with a focus on safety and productivity while enhancing the quality of life for our employees through enduring relationships and continued employment.

Our Vision

Tradewinds Support Partners strives to be the employer of choice within the construction and industrial community. Improving our employees quality of life through continued employment and personal growth is vital. Providing our clients with creative solutions and value is our passion.